Wahiawa Botanical Garden - February 11, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!  The blog has been left to rot, my last hike was in the beginning of November 2011, and I've had no motivation to drag myself onto the trails since then.  Why?  Well, the waves have been pretty damn good this Oahu winter season.  That means more time in the ocean, and less time in the mountains.  I did get to sneak in a short little hike with my son this past Saturday, though.  We hiked in our hometown at the Wahiawa Botanical Garden.  It was my first hike of 2012, and his first hike ever.

The last time I was in or around the Wahiawa Botanical Garden was for a friend's wedding.  Other than being an ideal place to exchange wedding vows, the garden has an impressive trail system that's perfect for children and novice hikers alike.  The twenty-seven acre site is also home to a wide array of native Hawaiian plants that thrive in Wahiawa's relatively cool environment.  All of the notable plants are identified by shin high green placards abutting the trail.  Overly impressive is the collection of massive trees that stretch high into the garden's canopy.

Much of the trails are paved, complete with concrete stairs and metal railings.  Near the gardens lowest elevation are actual dirt trails and the occasional road.  At the entrance of the garden are free maps that indicate the various trail routes and points of interest.  There are also bathrooms and water fountains.  How convenient!

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