Kalalula-Kanewai - May 12, 2012

Kalalula-Kanewai is a five mile loop trail located in Waianae Valley.  It is a trail regularly maintained and trodden on by western Oahu hiking guru, Steve Rohrmayr, who aptly dubs the hike "Waianae Water Walls."  The trail passes several small waterfalls along Kalalula Stream, then ascends a ridge, and drops back down following Kanewai Stream to the initial starting point.  Beyond the waterfalls along Kalalula Stream the grade steepens gradually offering up a good workout.  A few "healthy-looking" heiau are passed on the way to Kanewai Stream as well.

On this outing we got lost in the beginning and ended up bypassing the Kalalula waterfalls (no pics of the falls, sorry), but we managed to find the ridge trail that ascends to the first heiau and beyond to eventually complete the loop.

What is amazing about this trail is that it proves there is actually fresh flowing water in Waianae Valley.  Not only is there water, but the streams are fed by a spring, so the water is almost always flowing, and it is cool and clear.  It is a far cry from the misconception of Waianae being dry and hot.

 photo: L. Yamasaki

 photo: B. Bautista

 Kanewai Dam.  (photo: L. Yamasaki)


Naohia Falls - April 6, 2012

Tucked away in Kalihi Valley is a quaint waterfall known as Naohia Falls. Known to locals as "Ice Ponds" and "Tin Roof," the trail to Naohia is short, safe, and easy going. Although, a bit trashy because of its popluarity, the waterfall is still rewarding. Much of the hike involves hiking about half-an-hour on a gravel road. At a certain point there is a steep trail on the right that descends steeply to the waterfall. Ropes aid the way down and can be a bit hairy when wet, so caution is advised especially for children. Once at the waterfall, take a dip in the large pool at the falls' base. Snap photos. Kick back and listen to the tradewinds rustling through the canopy above, as well as the lively sound of the stream. It is definitely one of Kalihi Valley's prized gems.


Poamoho Ridge - April 1, 2012

As far as hiking trails go, nothing comes close to the Poamoho trail. The trail is remote, lush, quiet, relatively short, and insanely beautiful. If the weather cooperates, the view at the top offers one of the grandest views on the island of Oahu. Access to the trail requires a permit from the Department of Land and Natural Resources. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is also recommended for the six mile dirt road before the actual trailhead. Pay no mind to what people tell you about other state trails: Poamoho is the best state trail on Oahu.

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