Hau'ula Loop Trail - April 27, 2008

Basil and I did the Hau'ula Loop Trail today. We started around 11pm and finished the loop around 1pm. We went down a private road from the start and got lost. We followed the directions in the hiking guide and finally found the trailhead. From what I've read, the Hau'ula Loop Trail is a beginner hike. This is the first hiking trail I've ever done and the initial switchback sections were a bitch and definitely not recommended for someone who is out of shape. I was breathing hard and sweating so much from ascending for what seemed about a mile. But the top -- 700 feet -- had a good view of La'ie Point and Kaipapa'u Gulch. The descent back to the trailhead into Waipilopilo Gulch was harsh on our knees, but it was the nicest trail section of the hike, and there was a good view looking down on Hau'ula Town. We ate some berry-like fruits on the hike, but Basil said they were mountain apples. They might've been; I'll call it berries. The hike was short. I think it was a little over 2.5 miles. I'll probably try the Papali Loop next week that starts near the same trailhead. I heard it's a little more difficult and not as popular as the Hau'ula Loop. Below are some pictures Basil took with his digital camera.

The trailhead.

The initial stretch of the switchbacks.

I tried to balance on this branch sticking out of the trail. It
started to break as I reached the end. The drop was
around 30 feet; I would've hurt myself. I'm jumping
back on the trail just as the branch was going to break.
I'm dumb.

This bird is called a shama. I'm not sure why, but Basil
took a picture of his asshole.

At the top, looking into Kaipapa'u Gulch.

Here's Basil. You can't see it in the picture but to his left
is the Hau'ula Uka Ridge trail. I heard it's dangerous.
Not sure where it goes. I'll find out some other time.

La'ie Point.

The descent.

The descent was super rooty. This part was pretty level.

Some plants we saw along the way:
'Ohi'a. We were having a hard time trying to find this on
trail. We finally found it on top of an eroded hill right
after the lookout point. It was the only one we saw.


Basil's attempts at being artsy: