Crouching Lion Loop - February 26, 2009

Basil and I did a short little loop hike to the Crouching Lion in Ka'a'awa today. The short jaunt followed the beginning of the Pu'u Manamana trail, eventually turning left off of the Manamana trail halfway up the ridge. Althought the hike was short, there were some scary spots around the Crouching Lion. The drops were vertical and not for those who are scared of heights. From the Crouching Lion we followed the trail to another lower peak towards the ocean. The wind was consistently strong, and I didn't break much of a sweat for the hour-and-a-half we were on the trail. To make the hike a loop, we took a steep trail that descended to Ma'akua Village. Once we reached Ma'akua Village, we walked back about a half-mile to our car parked at the Kahana Valley bus stop. The hike is great for a short outing with someone visiting from elsewhere, for the trail probably totals only a mile. Plus, there are nice views to take in with a camera.

Basil, on the Manamana trail.

Taking this left junction brings you to the Crouching Lion rock feature which can be seen in the left side of the picture.

Shaka brah! Mean da lion.

Under the lion. I don't think Basil has a brain. That drop in front of him is huge.

Climbing down to reach the lower peak.

Here's the steep trail we decided to take to make it a loop.

Nice view coming down the steep trail that leads to Ma'akua Village.


Anonymous said...

Whatup Kaleo, thanks a lot for the directions you gave me last week sunday. By the way, we ending doing this trail (Crouching Lion Loop) right after the manamana trail, but followed a side trail that took us past some old ass army bunkers that were occupied by a colony of homeless people. I figured that this wasn't part of the original loop trial but made for a very interesting path past their living-quarters and eventually back to the main highway. Once again, thanks for your expert hiking advice. Rio.

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