Island Trails' 2012 Video Summary

Comparable to previous years, 2012 was a slow year for myself out on the trails.  We did do some pretty awesome trails, nonetheless; however, after almost five years of blogging, this will probably be the last video summary put together by Island Trails.

Life has gotten busy, to say the least, and keeping up with the passion I've been doing constantly since I started has slowly dwindled into nothing more than a "leisurely thing."  Blogging, photographing, and videographing the outdoors became a major obsession that totally took control of my life for the good, the better, the bad, and the worst.  I had been waiting long for the moment where the obsession would let loose and keep me off the computer seat and out of the mountains -- and lo and behold! -- it finally has.

Don't get me wrong, though.  Hiking is still something I love and will continue to do, but I feel that the constant compulsion to gather pictures, video, and the words to describe the trails I've done has taken away precious time from certain things that really matter most to me.

Family and career choices have finally taken center stage, straying my focus away from the blog.  I will always be drawn back to the mountains, and in no way is this a farewell.  I'm just taking a break from blogging, plain and simple.  If I have the time or ever feel like blogging, I'll throw in a write-up here and there with some pictures, and maybe even a video.  But for now, I'm pau.  It's been a true learning experience and I don't regret one bit of it.

The Island Trails blog started off as a joke.  I thought to myself, "Let's see how long I can keep a journal of this." But after time passed, I noticed people taking interest and visitor traffic increasing, which in turn fueled myself to deliver more and more info to the people who wanted it the most.  And to be quite honest, if it wasn't for the hiking community's interest in my blog, I wouldn't have done all the hikes I set out to do.  And with that said, I thank all of you, old and new, from the bottom of my heart for all the inspiration throughout these past several years.  I was able to explore the island I was born and raised on and had one hell of an experience doing it.  Without all of you, Island Trails would be nothing, and for that I thank you so very much.  It really means a lot to me.

Here's a video I made from all the hikes we did in 2012.  I hope you enjoy it.  It's been fun.  Mahalo again.  Aloha.



Spenser Thomas said...
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Spenser Thomas said...

I don't know about others but your blog was the reason I truly became involved in hiking, AND blogging via photo and video. Maybe I'm just impressionable, or maybe I was motivated and inspired. Whatever the case, I can say that for myself and a handful of friends I've made in the hiking community we all got "the idea" from you and the others that soon sprung up around those few years back. But all great things have to come to an end, whether short or long. I myself had to re-prioritize last year as school required more and more of my attention, among other things in life.

Just wanna give a shoutout to you braddah - thanks for the great stories, vids, and pics through these past couple years. Everytime I find a trail I want to do, Island Trails would be one of the first places I'd look to for info and lore, and this blog has never been a let down.

Mahalo Kaleo. Take your time away from this, and just...enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I was born and raised in Alaska and have been an avid outdoor everything person all my life. Hiking in the vast wilderness at home is my place of peace and for this reason it has been a less than easy transition to Oahu for me. Hiking blogs like yours have been my lifeline here, giving me some small relief. Thank you, thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever comment on blogs, but I wanted to write and say thank you, Kaleo, for sharing Island Trails with us all. Your photos, videos, and writing are an inspiration, and I-Trails is one of the few sites I've ever seen that truly capture the true "awe-fullness" (as in, always "full of awe,") of hiking, if that makes sense. Like the other commentator said, if I ever read about a hike, I'd check out Island Trails to learn more about it; it's one thing to read phrases like "razor-thin ridge" or "spectacular view of the valley," but another to actually SEE it, brought to life in your photos and videos. Hope that whatever you focus on next, or are focusing on now, will lead you to even more amazing adventures; even if you're not updating this site all the time, it will still last, just like the island trails themselves. Respect.

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