Judd-Nu'uanu-Pauoa Flats - May 3, 2008

Shanoah and Chase went hiking with me today. We intended to reach Pauoa Flats and turn around, but we ended up doing a faint ridge trail to the left of the Nu'uanu Valley lookout at the end of the Pauoa Flats Trail. We started at 8:30am and ended at 1:30pm. Today's hike combined the Judd Trail, Nu'uanu Trail, Pauoa Flats Trail, and an obscure ridge trail: about 5 miles total. We ended at Ilanawai Pool (Jackass Ginger Pool). Along the ridge we encountered some rain and had to wait it out on an exposed area on the ridge until it passed. It was pretty sketchy cause the wind was blowing really hard when it started to rain, but when the rain stopped the wind eventually died, making for easy trekking to the junction with the Nu'uanu Trail. I snapped some awesome pictures with my Nikon.


Rock hopping Nu'uanu Stream.

Bamboo grove before the Cook pine section.

Shanoah and Chase walking through the Cook pines.

Shanoah looking ugly after trekking the switchbacks. The forest of Cook pines that we walked through are in the bottom left corner of the picture.

Rest spot.

On our way to Pauoa Flats.

Shanoah enjoying the view.

Turn left.

Another grove of bamboo.

At Pauoa Flats, eating musubi. I swear we had over 15 musubis packed for this hike. I don't know why.

Shanoah's grandma makes the bomb ass musibi.


Two super ugly guys.

Going up the obscure ridge.

Rope section.

Chase, your shoes are the shit.

Fallen tree across the trail.

Our destination with a sheer wall on the side.

Looking back at the ridge we just hiked.

Pretty steep section we had to descend.

Back on the Nu'uanu Trail.

Ilanawai Pool.

Crossing the stream to get back to the truck.

The views:

Nu'uanu Valley.


Waianae Range.



Unknown said...

Ho. Hiking under one full moon ehh. Mean.

Unknown said...

Nice shirt, you fuckah...mean you're pictures

MAtt said...

Nice write up and photos! We'd love your review of the trail along with your photos (well, maybe not the full moon shot...ha!) here: https://lookintohawaii.com/hawaii/35630/pauoa-flats-trail-activities-oahu-honolulu-hi

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