Kamanaiki Ridge - September 28, 2009

Yesterday I squeezed in a solo hike in between my EMT and Chemistry classes. With around four hours to spare, I chose to hike Kamanaiki Ridge in Kalhi. I did the hike back in May 2008. You can see that write-up by visiting the following link: Kamanaiki Ridge - May 28th, 2008.

Although Kamanaiki isn't the greatest trail on the island, it definitely delivers a good workout. The trail is a total of about five miles, but I didn't go to the end point; I acutally stopped about 4/5 of the way to the end. One thing I did notice that i didn't notice the last time I did the trail was that there are several other ways to gain the crest of Kamanaiki Ridge. Along with the prominent side ridge that juts out on the northwest, there are a couple steep side ridges from the southeast that allow one to gain the crest of the ridge as well. All look steep, and I'm assuming the start of those trails begin at certain cul-de-sacs in certain neighborhoods.

I'm planning to do this trail every Monday if I don't get a hike in on the weekend like I did this past weekend. My primary goal next month is to obtain membership in the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club. I've been meaning to do it for a while now. Check out the HTMC website at HTMClub.org to see what hikes are coming up. I'm going to do three of them. Aloha!


Kahele said...

Did you ever continue on the trail up to Lanihuli from Kamanaiki?

I've been wanting to do Lanihuli for some time now, but the sign at the cul-de-sac at the top of Alewa now says, "This area is under video surveillance." While Bishop Estate could be bluffing, I don't think I want to call them on it.

As a Kamehameha Alum, I'm sure I could go onto campus and start from the Kapalama loop trail, but I read about Dayle Turner's unsuccessful attempt at doing this. In the end, I would prefer not to have worry about being arrested for trespassing.

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