Lower Lulumahu Falls - September 7, 2009

Labor Day went smoothly for me and Daniel yesterday. Because it was a holiday, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try out a little known trail that is usually monitored for trespassers on regular work days. And yes, we trespassed, but not one person was in the area to bust us. It was a perfect day to hike what few people know as the Lower Lulumahu Falls trail.

Initially, the trail starts in a thick bamboo forest. The trail is somewhat difficult to find thereafter, for Daniel and I got lost multiple of times. If you happen to come across finding this trail, you’ll know you’re on the right track when you pass and smell ginger plants to the left and right. Immediately after passing the ginger, the stream comes into view. There are not much ribbons, and there are several stream crossings; however, all you have to do is follow trails upstream and you should reach the waterfall in no time.

The waterfall is not very hard to get to. In fact, it’s the easiest waterfall trail I’ve done so far. The trail is supposedly three miles, but it seemed to be a lot shorter. There was also one thing missing: we didn’t pass King Kamehameha III’s summer palace. According to the sources I visited on the web, the trail to Lower Lulumahu Falls passes Kaniakapupu, a summer palace that once held a party of 10,000 people in 1847. To our dismay, we didn’t find it. I’m assuming we took another trail.

I would highly recommend doing this trail on a holiday like we did. Because the trail is on private property, I’m going to keep the trailhead a secret. Judging from the pictures, some of you will know where it is. If not, I’ll give you a hint: Nu’uanu Valley.



2-BU Pa'ina said...

nice choice Kaleo. It took us several tries to figure that hike out. We found the palace, but I won't say how here. There is also another twin waterfall in the back that Ryan and I almost found but ran out of time. We think it's called Waipuhilani. We'll let you know. Keahi

kaleo said...

i think i saw that one looking toward konahuanui. it was a thin ribbon, but you could tell it was a waterfall. i think it's called waipuilani. we should check it out someday. you guys do some crip waterfall hikes. i'd go with you guys. let me know...

Kyle N said...


The hike looks amazing. Is there anyway of finding out where it is on the net or through some other means? Just wondering labor day is approaching so thought it would be a great hike.



Peter Chiapperino said...

@2-BU Pa'ina, you are correct! The twin waterfall is known as Waipuilani Falls. It is only labled "Falls" on certain USGS maps north of Lulumahu Falls. The trails are very poor! You will prolly need a decent hiking GPS or a decent app on your phone. T-Mobile has decent signal, however AT&T is very poor. If you have any questions facebook me. Oh and there is a Lavatube at the end! We went in about 100ft, but didnt bring a flash light.


MAtt said...

Love this hike, easily one of my favorites on Oahu. Check out my pics if you're interested: https://lookintohawaii.com/hawaii/44446/lulumahu-falls-hike-activities-oahu-honolulu-hi

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