Waimano Falls - October 19, 2010

The last time I did the hike to Waimano Falls was in April 2008. It was the second hike I ever did, and at the time it felt like death because of the notorious "cardiac hill." The hike was a disappointment, for the falls was dry at that time. I recently completed it with three other people (Keith, Roli, and Kris), and this time the waterfall was flowing big time.

The Waimanao Falls trailhead begins at the top of Komo Mai Drive in Pacific Palisades. Follow the road beyond the gate. Pass a water tank on the right. The junction to the falls is a bit inconspicuous, but there are signs that point to the right direction. The signs indicate that going straight is the Manana Ridge trail to the Ko'olau summit. Taking a right instead is the way to Waimano Falls. After the signs, the descent into Waimano Valley begins on what is known as "cardiac hill." Keep in mind that this hill must be climbed up after visiting the waterfall. The hill is rooty and slippery, especially after it has rained. Many side trails come in on the right. Always stay on the trail on the left.

Because the waterfall can be dry, it is always important to hike to the waterfall after a decent downpour. Waimano Falls is very dependent on rain. Therefore, if you plan the hike accordingly, you'll find yourself at on of Oahu's most easily accessible waterfalls. But are you ready for the hike back out?

 Ripe mountain apples to take home.

photo: kaleo


Anonymous said...

aw...mountain apples and swimming!! i woulda gone ck!

Mrs. C said...

We've been hiking to the falls for about 15 years now- my nieces and nephews can handle heart attack hill with a little help from the adults. Awesome pics man! :)

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