Kalo Falls - February 20, 2011

Kalo Falls. There's not much information about this waterfall on the net, so I decided to go out on a limb and see it for myself. What Lei, Ryan, Kelven, and I found, after hiking four-and-a-half-miles in a gulch stream, was a lonely 80-foot waterfall with a nice little pool at its base. The name Kalo Falls is derived from a small taro patch that grows on an embankment near the waterfall. Total hike time: six-and-a-half hours. Total mileage: a little under nine miles. Check out the pictures and video below.

photo: L. Yamasaki

photo: L. Yamasaki

photo: L. Yamasaki

photo: L. Yamasaki

photo: R. Chang

When we reached this waterfall, we took off our bags and had to swim in the pool and climb the waterfall to advance further.  From this point the taller waterfall is about 15 minutes away.  (photo: R. Chang)

Kalo Falls.  (photo: L. Yamasaki)

The taro patch growing near the waterfall.  (photo: L. Yamasaki)

photo: R. Chang

On our way back.  (photo: L. Yamasaki)

Back at our bags.  (photo: L. Yamasaki)


Jordan said...

How do you get there, is hiking open, conditional, or restricted?

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for over a year now, but this my first post. I admire your passion for hiking. Maybe one day I'll see you on the trails (although some of the trails you do, I wouldn't have the balls to attempt)

Yoshi said...

I, like "Anonymous" have been admiring your blog, the hikes portrayed, and the passion that drives you to make your way over some of the most beautiful ground in the world!
...and like Jordan, I want to visit Kalo Falls. Would you be willing to give me a hint that would help me find the path you took?


Yoshi said...

...found a lead. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough before to find info.

Anyways, keep up the hiking and the blogging--I really enjoy it!

Unknown said...

hey kaleo! my husband & i are visiting my aunt in kailua & have been doing a few hikes; we have almost a week left so i was spending a lazy sunday looking for more and found your website... i was telling my husband the website address and my aunt calls out, "kaleo lancaster! i know him!!"
apparently your mum is pretty good friends with my aunt cheryl [mcilroy] :)
we're wimpy in the heat so we start all our hikes early in the morning. we haven't done anything too challenging; went up kuliouou one of our first mornings (cheryl & tommy came too but they accidentally did the valley instead!), did the hau'ula loop (would have loved to add on the extra uka loop bit but only found out about it later), & slogged through muck to maunawili falls (didn't seem as wonderful as years ago when my cousin jeff first took me). we run up the pillboxes any morning we aren't doing a "real" hike.
anyway we'll probably do olomana (just the 1st peak) and we're thinking about haiku stairs. any other suggestions? do you have any interest in dragging some haoles up a mountain? :)
[we're actually in *fairly* good shape, just pretty heat-avoidant so we've been sticking to short stuff we can get done while it's still early AM].
anyway - cheryl says your mum has her contact info so if you're interested in doing an early morning hike one morning this week, give us a call!
p.s. we love your gopro vids - my husband got one a few months ago & we just bought a head mount @ surfnsea

kyle said...

Any chance you could tell us where we could find this hike? I would love to do this hike.

Lauren Imai said...

Is this near the Maakua gulch trail? I can't find much information on this on the web or in books! Email at blondejap33@yahoo.com if you can help. Thanks for the vids/blogs they're great!

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