Ulupaina - June 30, 2011

Ulupaina is four mile loop hike in the foothills that edge the Valley of the Temples Cemetery in Kaneohe. Although short, Ulupaina offers up a great workout and can be done in less than three hours. The hiking route is a loop and can be done either way, with the counterclockwise direction being the most strenuous.

Hiking the loop clockwise, the trail coutours through small ravines along the left side of a ridge. At a certain point, about half an hour from the start, the trail takes a right and ascends gradually until it levels out near the junction for the route back out. Past the junction further upridge, the hike tops out at 960 feet elevation at a power line tower at the very base of the Ko'olau mountain range. Taking the junction for the route back out is mostly downhill on a broad ridge laden with ironwoods. The route is obscure at times, and the trail can be overgrown in some sections, but the trail always stays on top of the ridge crest and leads directly back to the start of the hike.

The trailhead is located on the far left corner of the Valley of the Temples Cemetery nearest to Kahekili Highway. A good landmark is the Ko'olau Center on Hui Iwa Street. Park on Hui Iwa Street. Walk across Kahekili Highway at the traffic light toward the cemetery. To the left is a pet cemetery with a low wall uphill. Walk parallel to the wall to the far end corner of the cemetery. The trail starts in the forest and is marked with pink ribbons.

To view more pictures and another write-up of my last outing along the Ulupaina loop trail, click on the folowing link.

Ulupaina - July 28th, 2009


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good hike. Got to do that one day.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for responding. I checked out the hikes you sent me. I think we are going to do olomana. I would also love to get atop the ko'olau summit and see the views of H3. I was jus wondering if you could help me out with some more info. What is the easiest and fastest way to the top? We would love to do the stairs but don't really feel like risking it and going through the whole hassle; so i figured we could get to the top legally. I know a few of the ridge hikes u sent me lead to the top. Once again jus hoping you could tell me the best route to take to reach the top and also what you would consider the danger level to be (bringin the woman). Thanks so much again bro, you are really helping me out a lot. You are very reliable. logan_hoeltke_05@hotmail.com is my email.


kandbinnatree said...

Hi Kaleo,
random question..
who's that beat by on the Ulupaina vimeo video? siiiick!
your blog is such an inspiration!

kaleo said...

thallus - end of the sky

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