Kalihi Saddle - June 26, 2011

Found this one by accident. We were looking to top out at Pu'u Kahuauli along the Bowman maintenance trail but found this trail instead. The weather was cold, windy, and rainy, making for a slippery and muddy trail. Plus, hiking in the clouds made us lose our sense of direction, and when we topped out on the summit, we found ourselves on the treacherous Kalihi Saddle near a prominent feature Pete Clines dubbed "Witch's Hat." A scout of the saddle ridge would have happened had the weather been good, but it was far too windy and wet to explore. The hike was short -- an hour tops -- but access to this trail is a problem. There is no where to park at the beginning, so someone had to drop us off in the morning and pick us up when we were done. Half fail, half success: at least we know where the saddle trail is now, but where the hell is the Bowman maintenance trail?

photo: B. Bautista

photo: B. Bautista

View from our top out point along the Kalihi Saddle.  (photo: B. Bautista)

photo: B. Bautista

photo: B. Bautista


Leigh Holcombe said...

That was tough hiking weather. I was doing Keahi a Kahoe that same day, took forever to slip and slide down the middle ridge.

Anonymous said...

That view from the top looked nuts.

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