Hau'ula-Papali Loop - June 29, 2008

The Hau'ula Loop trail was the first hike I ever did, and the last time I completed it was with my friend Basil. Today I went back with the intent of hiking the Papali Loop trail that starts just after the Hau'ula Loop trailhead. The Papali Loop is a bit easier than the Hau'ula Loop, but it is a little longer -- not by much, though. The trail is quite shady throughout the hike and relatively easy to follow. I somehow lost the trail at the streambed toward the end of the loop, but I immediately picked it up after spotting some ribbons. After I finished the Papali Loop I decided to do the Hau'ula Loop; Papali wasn't that much of a workout. The Hau'ula Loop felt a lot longer the last time I did it, but it is very short. It's a perfect hike for beginners. The initial switchbacks give the body a nice huff-and-puff, but it's over before you know it. The most beautiful part of the Hau'ula Loop trail is the descent through a forest of Cook pines. The shady, breezy section crosses Waipilopilo Gulch back to the trailhead. It's without a doubt the best groomed section of any state trail I have done. With six miles of hiking behind me and a sweat-soaked shirt, I jumped back into my car, rinsed off at Hau'ula Beach park, and headed home.
Papali Loop trail:

State trails are just begging to get sued. This rock face will fall some day. The trail passes right beneath it. This section reminded me of the Kealia trail, another state trail that has a dangerous rock face just waiting to smash some bodies.

The loop can be done either way. I went counterclockwise.

Hau'ula Loop trail:

Here's the junction to the Hau'ula Uka Ridge trail. Second time up here and I didn't get to do this one. Maybe I'll do it on my third hike on the Hau'ula Loop.

Kaipapa'u Gulch.

Cook pines.

Love this part.

I think that's Pu'u Manamana in the distance. Can't believe I climbed that thing.