Koko Crater Rim Loop - August 6, 2008

School had me on lock down the last couple weeks of July, so I didn't get a chance to go on any hikes. Now that it's done I'm going to try and fit in as many as eight hikes before the Fall Semester starts on August 25th.

Kulani, Chase, and Neal went with me to hike the whole rim of Koko Crater today. It's a short hike with some short, narrow sections on the descent. Some of the sections were probably the narrowest I've been on, but the drops on both sides weren't 1,000 foot drops; however, if you slipped and fell, you definitely would die. When we reached the bottom of the loop we had to follow a drainage ditch that led to a golf course. We climbed the golf course fence, crossed the fairway, and climbed another fence to get back to our cars that were parked at Sandy Beach.

Before the steep ascent.

Chase and Neal on all fours, climbing the natural arch.

Up high and still climbing.

Trekking the rim.

Starting the descent on the other side of the rim.

Kulani on a ledge.


Narrow again.

One horse and no grass to eat. Sad.


koolaukid said...

We did the Koko Crater Rim last Sunday, did it counter clockwise, all the way around the rim, starting and ending at the botanical garden. I've done Manamana, Kalena, Olomana and several sections of the Koolau Summit between Konahuanui and Mariner's Ridge but the section of Koko Crater between the summit and the end on the mauka side had to be the hairiest stuff so far. I didn't take a camera as we weren't expecting it to be too bad but wished I had. That one is gnarly!

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