Iliahi Ridge Loop - June 3, 2009

Just off the Manana/Waimano Falls trail is a loop hike known as Iliahi Ridge. The trail was conjured up just several years ago by the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club and is relatively new. At only five miles, the trail descends to Manana Stream from a power line, crosses Manana stream, climbs up to Iliahi Ridge, follows the ridge to a junction that descends back into Manana Valley, crosses the stream again, then climbs up to the Manana Ridge trail just before the picnic table. The hike offers great views into South Waiawa Valley and Manana Valley. The trail also offers up a workout. I don't have much to say about the hike, but I know I'll be doing it again. Just before the junction back into Manana Valley there is another junction that drops down into South Waiawa Valley. I'm looking forward to exploring that valley sometime in the future, for there are a few swimming holes I've heard of. I've also heard of a nice waterfall in Manana Stream that is located somewhere between the Manana Ridge picnic table and helipad. Pu'u O Kila in Kahana Valley is in our sights for this Thursday. Check the blog for an update.

The trail descends into Manana Valley at this second power line. Ribbons mark the path.

On Iliahi Ridge.

Back in Manana Valley.

Crossing Manana Stream. Very dry this day.

On our way to the Manana Ridge trail.

On Manana Ridge, heading back to the car.


Looking south.

Looking northwest.

Manana Valley.

Waiawa Valley. (photo: D. Napoleon)



Anonymous said...

thank you so much for showing me this trail. i did it today by myself. it's a glorious hike with endless green, wind, birds, and complete solitude. It’s magical. I love Ewa forest and I love your site. i found finding the trail head is always the hardest part, without the description and picture, i wouldn't be able to find it. -steve

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