Iliahi Ridge - August 10, 2010

Want a workout? This is the trail that brings it. I totally underestimated how long this hike would take, and for that I was late for work. I thought Baron and I could do it in two-and-a-half hours, but it took us a little over three-and-a-half. Plus, we started a bit late (9:30am).

For those who live in Pacific Palisades, if you were to do this hike every other day, you'd be in great shape guaranteed. The five mile trail is located at the top of Komo Mai Drive in Pacific Palisades. It's a little known trail that branches off the same route to Waimano Falls and the Manana Ridge trail. Once on the road, take a left at the second power line towers and follow the trail that descends into the valley. Cross the stream, then climb out of the valley and follow the ridge mauka. Eventually the trail meets up with a side ridge and takes a sharp right turn and follows the ridge back into the valley. Once at the bottom of the valley, cross the stream and immediately start climbing out of the valley on a semi-steep finger ridge that eventually meets up with the Manana Ridge trail, just 300 or so yards shy of the picnic table. Turn right and head back to the trailhead. The trail is marked well with ribbons, and the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club hike the trail every year, so the trail is in good condition. Baron also pointed out that Iliahi Ridge is very close to some dirt bike and mountain bike trails he did before that start near the Mililani Cemetary. How awesome is that? You can mountain bike from Mililani to Pacific Palisades! I'll have to try that some day.

This is my second time doing Iliahi Ridge. I didn't get much pictures on this outing, but I did on my last outing, so click here to see more information about the hike, complete with pictures and edited video. I only took a few clips of video this time. You can view it below.

Island Trails - Iliahi Ridge (GoPro POV) from Island Trails on Vimeo.


Andrew "Bang Daddy" Bayang said...

Check this out. Mental! http://hawaiianforest.com/conquering-true-manamana

kaleo said...

yeah, waianae steve sent me the link a while back. i actually met laredo on one of the club hikes. the guy is classic. he's also done pretty much every mental hike on the island...

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