Naohia Falls - April 6, 2012

Tucked away in Kalihi Valley is a quaint waterfall known as Naohia Falls. Known to locals as "Ice Ponds" and "Tin Roof," the trail to Naohia is short, safe, and easy going. Although, a bit trashy because of its popluarity, the waterfall is still rewarding. Much of the hike involves hiking about half-an-hour on a gravel road. At a certain point there is a steep trail on the right that descends steeply to the waterfall. Ropes aid the way down and can be a bit hairy when wet, so caution is advised especially for children. Once at the waterfall, take a dip in the large pool at the falls' base. Snap photos. Kick back and listen to the tradewinds rustling through the canopy above, as well as the lively sound of the stream. It is definitely one of Kalihi Valley's prized gems.


Jennifer Alohikea Grant said...

Wow another Oahu waterfall! That one looks a heck of lot easier to get to than Maunawilli or Waimano.

Punynari said...

Lovely pictures.

The "ice ponds" is one of my favorite places on the island. But, it is getting much more popular now. Hope everyone respects this wonderful place.

Also, there's two more waterfalls above Naohia Falls. Kind of slippery to make it up there though but it's doable. (:

Anonymous said...

It's all overgrown with ginger now, but the nutsest rope-swing on the island was at these falls. The rope hung from a branch (you can still see where it was cut above the falls) and you grabbed it and launched from on top of the boulder to the left of the falls over fallen trees and rocks. Too many people got messed up, my buddy carried out a girl who needed reconstructive facial surgery 'cause she faceplanted into the boulders at the bottom. They cut the rope a bunch of times to stop people from doing it and they finally cut the actually branch a few years ago. Maybe for the best. You can still jump off the cliff to the right above the falls. Just be careful.

Also, I think "Naohia" is just a name that the hippies that did the clean-up and put the trashcan down there named it. I think it's actually "Hoaniani" Falls.

Mike said...

Everyone, please leave the ponds better than you found them. Carry out as much trash as possible. They are truly sacred places.
Much mahalos...

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Eric said...

It's definitely Hoaniani Falls, not Naohia Falls. "Naohia" is actually the name of an 'ili (land division) that is another half-mile further upstream.