Poamoho Ridge - April 1, 2012

As far as hiking trails go, nothing comes close to the Poamoho trail. The trail is remote, lush, quiet, relatively short, and insanely beautiful. If the weather cooperates, the view at the top offers one of the grandest views on the island of Oahu. Access to the trail requires a permit from the Department of Land and Natural Resources. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is also recommended for the six mile dirt road before the actual trailhead. Pay no mind to what people tell you about other state trails: Poamoho is the best state trail on Oahu.

For more information on how you can access this trail, visit the following link:
DLNR: Poamoho Ridge Trail

Visit Unreal Hawaii by David Chatsuthiphan for more information and pictures from this same outing:
Unreal Hawaii: Poamoho Trail

Check out the following link of our past hike up Poamoho Ridge:
Poamoho to Wahiawa


sansei247 said...

Congrats on your participation in the Hawaiian Airlines in-flight video!

Dave S. said...

Wow, thank you. I hiked Poamoho trail in 1960 with the Wheeler Air Force Base Boy Scouts troop I was in. The Army had been running exercises for about three weeks up there and the trail was solid mud, sometimes nearly up to your knees. We go to the top and every flat area was underwater about an inch. We slept on the slope just to the left of the trail - the area shown in the last shot of the video. When we went to find something to start a fire with, *nothing* would light - even the waxed cardboard boxes left around by the Army. We were saved by a guy who brought two Sterno cans (completely against the rules). We hiked out the next day in the rain. What a beautiful hike. Thank you for posting this wonderful video and all the other great ones. I found your site by trying to find information on the hike out from Kunia Tunnel to the ridgeline of the Wainae mountains. We didn't make it because we didn't take any water. Duh.

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