Kalalula-Kanewai - May 12, 2012

Kalalula-Kanewai is a five mile loop trail located in Waianae Valley.  It is a trail regularly maintained and trodden on by western Oahu hiking guru, Steve Rohrmayr, who aptly dubs the hike "Waianae Water Walls."  The trail passes several small waterfalls along Kalalula Stream, then ascends a ridge, and drops back down following Kanewai Stream to the initial starting point.  Beyond the waterfalls along Kalalula Stream the grade steepens gradually offering up a good workout.  A few "healthy-looking" heiau are passed on the way to Kanewai Stream as well.

On this outing we got lost in the beginning and ended up bypassing the Kalalula waterfalls (no pics of the falls, sorry), but we managed to find the ridge trail that ascends to the first heiau and beyond to eventually complete the loop.

What is amazing about this trail is that it proves there is actually fresh flowing water in Waianae Valley.  Not only is there water, but the streams are fed by a spring, so the water is almost always flowing, and it is cool and clear.  It is a far cry from the misconception of Waianae being dry and hot.

 photo: L. Yamasaki

 photo: B. Bautista

 Kanewai Dam.  (photo: L. Yamasaki)